To request the change of products you must meet the following conditions:

  • The maximum period to request a change will be three (3) calendar days from the date of delivery of the products accompanied by the due invoice and according to the possibilities of repairing the product that is governed by commercial custom approved by the Chamber of trade in three (3) opportunities to improve the product through its repair.
  • The product must not present misuse, deterioration, dents or any other notorious mistreatment derived from the incorrect use of the device or its accessories, in addition the product must not have been modified and must be in perfect condition.
  • The product must contain the original labels, accessories and packaging, this policy does not apply to products purchased in other stores of the same economic activity.
  • The change must be for a value equal to or greater than the value of the product, in which case the customer will pay the excess value if he wishes to replace his product with one of higher qualities than the initial ones.

Exchange at INVERSIONES SOROPA SAS point of sale, located in MedellĂ­n: the product must be delivered to the INVERSIONES SOROPA SAS point of sale. Submit the document equivalent to an invoice and fill out the formats that are available therein for this purpose.

Changes through the website: the change may be requested through any of the contact methods indicated below: customer service line provided by INVERSIONES SOROPA SAS, through data messages (on Monday to Friday from 9am-6pm), through our email

INVERSIONES SOROPA SAS, will respond to your request within a period of no more than fifteen (15) business days, by means of an email or another system that, in the opinion of INVERSIONES SOROPA SAS, is convenient. In the event that the change proceeds, INVERSIONES SOROPA SAS, will request the return of the product through the transport service that it indicates.

For the purposes of requesting a change, we recommend taking into account:

It is important that products are tested before the label is removed and the device or accessory is actually delivered to the customer at the time of purchase.

You must present a document equivalent to a purchase invoice and/or the purchase order as appropriate when it is done through our website.

Purchases made in the soropa physical store cannot be exchanged in the online store and vice versa, in the event that the purchase is made by a traveler or tourist, it will be governed as a special case for the policy of return.

In accordance with the provisions of the applicable current regulations, for changes made by INVERSIONES SOROPA SAS, you may charge the transportation service required for the return and delivery of the products subject to change, which will be announced at the time of giving response to your request.

Once the change request has been filed with the necessary data for it, compliance with the requirements and origin of the change will be analyzed.

If the change is appropriate, a date is scheduled for the client to send the product to the indicated transport company.

When the Customer delivers the product to the carrier, it must already be properly packaged. You can use the same packaging in which you received the order, however, this must be adequate according to the nature of the product so that the product cannot be affected during the transportation process.

Once we receive your product back in our warehouse, we will verify the condition of the product. INVERSIONES SOROPA SAS will have 15 business days to inform you if your product meets the established criteria.

As a general rule, INVERSIONES SOROPA SAS does not refund money and if considered viable, it will do so by issuing redemption coupons or their equivalent, for the purchase of INVERSIONES SOROPA SAS products, for the same value of the product or products subject to change. accepted, reserving the possibility of restitution of money in specific cases and valued according to quality and compliance standards.

In the event that your product does not meet the criteria of our exchange and return policy, we will inform you with an email of the reason why the change is not applicable and the product will be returned to the initial shipping address. INVERSIONES SOROPA SAS reserves the right to charge the Customer for said shipment.

When by virtue of the approved change, the issuance of a redemption Coupon or other equivalent is agreed with the client, to make a new purchase in our store, the code of said Coupon will be sent to the Client's email within two (2) days working days after receiving the product in our warehouse.